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Student Grade Appeals

A student has the right to discuss his or her grades with a professor. The professor has the right to judge the quality of a student’s work on professional standards in comparison with other students in the same course or section. Professors are expected to return student tests and assignments with grades and/or comments, once returned those papers are the responsibility of the student. Final examinations or term papers should be kept by the professor for one academic year. During that time a student may examine the examination or paper and discuss his or her grade. If a professor has not returned, or has misplaced a test or paper, the student has the right to appeal his or her grade to the professor’s department chair and, if necessary, to the dean of the professor’s school, who in such a case may recommend a compromise grade of “W” or “P” to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. In no case will the chair, dean, or Vice President for Academic Affairs change a student’s grade to any grade except “W,” ” “P,” or “F.” (November 1996; modified October 2015)