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Syllabi Policy

Syllabi must be available for all courses of instruction at the University regardless of format or instructional methodology and distributed, electronically or in hard copy, to students prior to the end of the add/drop period. This includes courses with regularly scheduled meeting times as well as laboratory, studio, clinical, internships, tutorial and independent study offerings and summer offerings.

Syllabi must include the following, any of which could be hyperlinked:

Additional policies and procedures may be included at the discretion of the instructor.

Syllabi for courses and sections that do not meet according to a regular schedule (and thus cannot document credit hours awarded based on meeting times) must document the academic engagement and activities of students relative to the number of credits awarded for successful completion of the course.

Deans will ensure that all course syllabi are submitted to the Records Office for permanent cataloging within three weeks of the start of the academic term.


Passed by the Faculty Senate and approved by the President, May 2014; Revised April 2015