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Administrative personnel make an invaluable contribution to the health and vitality of St. Bonaventure University as an institution of higher learning.

Just as it is the primary function of faculty members to be professional teachers in the University, so it is the primary function of Administrators to carry out the University's academic, student personnel, financial, business, planning, public relations, and public service policies as determined by the Board of Trustees.  In conscientiously fulfilling their responsibilities, Administrators provide the necessary conditions for a smoothly  functioning educational institution.

This handbook is designed to set forth  the major policies affecting the professional status of the University's full-time administrative staff.  The Administrative staff consists of the President, and the Vice Presidents as Executive Officers along with such others so designated by the President, all  Deans, Associate Deans, Directors, Executive Administrative Assistants, Coordinators of programs, Librarians, Coaches, Athletic Staff, and other Professional Staff as designated in writing by the President.

The Administrative staff is thus distinguished from the teaching faculty,  the secretarial, clerical, and technical staff, and hourly employees of the maintenance and  public safety staff.

Only the President has the power to create or abolish positions and titles, and to assign titles to the various Administrative positions.

Specific position descriptions for all Administrative positions are on file in the Office of Human Resources.



"Administrator" or "Member of the Administrative Staff" means professional personnel involved in the process of carrying out the policies of the institution. This designation does not include the following employees: faculty, student employees, clerical, technical or secretarial personnel, graduate student interns, employees in training, and hourly employees of the maintenance or public safety staff. All Administrators and Administrative Staff shall be evaluated consistent with defined policies and the Mission of the University and with the goals  of the Administration and the University.

"Faculty Status" is conferred on some Administrators pursuant to the Norms of the Faculty Status and Welfare Handbook. This status does not affect the holder's rights and privileges as an Administrator. A tenured faculty member will retain faculty tenure upon becoming an Administrator and has the right to return to a tenured faculty position, with an appropriate faculty salary, after completion of the term as an Administrator.

"Director/Supervisor" is conferred on an employee charged with the responsibility of overseeing the work of other employees. The director/supervisor is responsible for the evaluation of employees, for assisting  them in the  satisfactory performance of their duties, for improving the quality of their work, and for  resolving problems connected with the job. Directors/Supervisors, in fulfillment of the responsibilities of their office, are expected to evaluate their employees annually in accordance with defined policies and to keep records of all conferences with their employees and of events related to the latter's work records.



Administrators are generally appointed for the period  June 1 through May 31, corresponding to the University's fiscal year.

Initial appointments, even if they begin at a date later than June 1, shall be for the period ending the subsequent May 31.

Renewal of appointments is normally decided upon during the month of March.

Notwithstanding any other provisions contained herein, Administrators hired for projects funded by grants will be employed according to the University's fiscal year or until the termination of funding of the position, whichever is lesser. There is no guarantee of employment after the expiration of the grant period even if the original grant should be renewed.

Positions at St. Bonaventure University are ordinarily advertised internally and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.  It is the responsibility of the administrator responsible for hiring to notify the Director of Human Resources for posting of the position.



Department chairs are appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs with the recommendation of the appropriate Dean of the School.  In a department with six or more full-time faculty members among whom at least two possess the terminal degree or its equivalent, the Department Chair may be elected by a majority of faculty in the department for a two-year term, subject to the recommendation of the Dean and appropriate approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  In those instances where a majority vote fails to carry after two ballots, the appointment process cited above will be followed.  The Department Chair reports directly to the appropriate Dean of a School.

The Department Chair is the administrative head of a department and is primarily responsible for assisting the Dean of the School in the management of the academic affairs of the department including providing leadership in scheduling, planning, and assessment.  In this capacity and under the aegis of the Dean, the Department Chair is charged with the tasks of faculty recruitment, placement, evaluation, and development.  In addition, the Department Chair is responsible for insuring proper advisement of the department's students and for meeting the administrative requirements associated with registering and recording student courses of study and other appropriate record keeping. Also, the Department Chair is responsible for proper allocation, maintenance, and development of the department's physical and financial resources.