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Answering Media Questions Policy

The Vice President for Public Relations is the official spokesperson for St. Bonaventure University. All media inquiries and requests for public commentary should be directed to and routed through the Office of Public Relations. This applies to responses to inquiries from both inside and outside the University. If Administrators and Trustees are contacted by the media, they should refer the call to the Vice President for Public Relations unless the media inquiry previously has been discussed with the Vice President for Public Relations.

The Vice President for Public Relations serves as the source for official news and information about the institution. This includes news about appointments, promotions,resignations, policy changes, etc., as well as other University business.

With rare exceptions, news affecting St. Bonaventure University should be shared with internal constituencies prior to release to the media. These internal constituencies include, but are not limited to, students, faculty, staff, administration, on-campus friars, Trustees, National Alumni Board members, members of the President's Council, and other advisory councils.

The Office of Public Relations cannot, and does not intend to, preclude a University employee from speaking with the media under the individual employee's right to free speech as protected by the First Amendment. However, there may be advantages for University faculty and staff members to notify the Office of Public Relations whenever contacted by a member of the media, especially when the inquiry involves University policies and procedures. Additional procedures may be obtained from the Office of Public Relations.