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Consensual Relationship Policy

The educational Mission of the University is promoted by professionalism in relationships between administrators, faculty, students and staff. Professionalism is fostered by an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Trust and respect are diminished when those in position of authority abuse, or appear to abuse, their power.

Sexual relationships between faculty-student or staff-student are expressly prohibited by University Policy. Even when both parties have consented to the development of such relationships, they can raise serious concerns about the validity of the consent, conflicts of interests, and/or unfair treatment of others. Moreover, others may be adversely affected by such behavior because it places the faculty member or supervisor in a position to favor or advance one student's interest at the expense of others.

Sexual relationships (consensual or otherwise) between supervisor-employee are prohibited when a direct evaluative relationship exists. In such cases the University requires that the faculty member, administrator, staff member or employee divest him or herself of the professional responsibility for evaluation and/or cease such conduct.