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Endowed Scholarship Policy  

Annual Report to Cabinet by Director of Endowed or Grant Funded Programs

In order to provide consistent accountability, opportunity for evaluation and identify potential growth and/or correction to funded programs, the Cabinet will host an annual reporting conference for each director of a program that includes endowed or grant funding.  The reporting is applicable for each source of grant or endowed funding of $500,000 or more.

The annual meeting/s will be coordinated by the office AVP for University Advancement and will take place, if needed, during regularly scheduled Cabinet meetings or in separate session/s dedicated to this purpose.

During the interview, the budget officer/director of each funded program will provide the following:  

1.                  The most recent financial report on the program.  At a minimum this information should include the most recent full year of data plus the current year-to-date information.

2.                  A copy of the current strategic plan and progress report on same.

3.                  An executive summary of activities undertaken in the reporting cycle and summary of the status of each initiative, and a summary of planned activities for the next 6 – 12 months.

4.                  A copy of the most recent report that was sent to the donor/foundation.

5.                  A summary request for any additional resources (personnel, financial, space, publicity, etc.)

6.                  An update on communications and plans related to the donor, e.g. plans for additional solicitations, donor’s response to last report, plans for donor to be on campus, etc.

Following each report, the President will issue a response to the director noting any changes, recommendations to be implemented for future programmatic delivery. Failure to implement such recommendations can be cause for termination of appointment as program director.

If appropriate, trustees with appropriate linkages to the programs via board committee of fiduciary roles, will be invited to attend the reporting sessions.

Management of the records of these meetings and reports will be the responsibility of University Advancement.



1.                  First report session will be a “pilot” of the process.

2.                  Advancement will prepare a list of those whose directorship qualifies for this requirement. 

3.                  A general role description for directors of endowed programs will be developed during this calendar year.

4.                  Should we include programs with external funding that are time-limited? Yes, at least in some cases, e.g. large gifts, building a relationship, etc.


At present, candidates for this report:  Jim Moor, M. Cusato, T. Palmer, J. LoSchiavo/X. Seubert, Ed Coughlin (Lily)



Approved January 26, 2010

Revised February 25, 2010