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Financial Aid Programs, Graduate

Bona Advantage Scholarship:  Current policy provides for a discount for any student who continues enrollment from undergraduate to graduate level.  The proposed policy change would eliminate this discount.

Deans Scholarship:  Current policy provides a 20% discount for students who apply and provide an essay.  The proposed policy change would limit the Deans Scholarship to an annual allocation of 5% of the average of the last two years of gross tuition revenue collected for each program.  The allocations will be determined in the Fall of the year for the next Academic Year.  The Fall 13 allocations will be 5% of the average of the gross tuition revenue for FY11 and FY12. 

The Deans of each school will provide a plan for Fall 13 by March 1, 2013 for awarding the scholarship.  The Financial Aid Office will coordinate the awarding and reporting of the Deans Scholarship.  The Deans plan will prioritize enrollment growth, academic excellence and/or brand enhancement.  Provisions will be made for new programs to determine the allocation for the first two years.  By year three, the program will be funded according to the policy.  The annual allocations and plans will be reviewed and approved by the Cabinet by November 1 each year.


Guiding Principles

         Students receiving Graduate Assistantships will not receive additional tuition discounts.

         Graduate Assistantships will be awarded to graduate students, not undergraduate students taking graduate courses. 

         Graduate Assistantships will be prioritized to support the academic pursuits of students and the curriculum/academic needs of the departments.

         Student employment opportunities will be available to graduate students (particularly in areas that previously were funded through assistantships).

         Students enrolled in online programs may be considered for Graduate Assistantships.


Effective Date of Policy Change:  May 1, 2013