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Franciscan Internships Policy

In order to encourage participation in the University ministry for Franciscan men and women, St. Bonaventure University provides two internships in the areas of teaching and administration.

The Franciscan Teaching Internship is a program whose purpose is to allow qualified Franciscans to gain experience in college level teaching in order to clarify their interest in and suitability for academic work as well as to promote the ongoing presence of Franciscans on campus.

The heritage of St. Bonaventure University has been enriched by the presence of dedicated Franciscans who have served the University in a variety of ways. Indeed the presence of Franciscans on this campus has left a powerful imprint on the very character of the University. In recognition of this fact, the mission statement of St. Bonaventure University proclaims this Franciscan character and legacy as a crucial element of the overall educational orientation of this University.

In order to promote and sustain this important dimension of its heritage St. Bonaventure University provides the opportunity for men and women who are beginning their Franciscan vocations especially Franciscans of Holy Name Province to explore whether they would like to serve the larger community by way of involvement in the academic life. The purpose of the Franciscan Teaching Internship, accordingly, is to encourage and foster among Franciscan religious a traditional option of scholarly endeavor through University work by providing an opportunity to gain first hand experience of what it entails. Should this experience prove congenial to the individuals involved, the University's further hope is that such men and women would go on to complete their formal academic training and consider the possibility of applying for a faculty position at St. Bonaventure University as opportunities arise. A copy of the guidelines and additional details may be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The University also invites qualified Franciscans especially Franciscans of Holy Name Province to explore whether or not they would like to clarify their interest in and suitability for administrative work at the university level. Accordingly, internships are available to afford Franciscans who are beginning their religious life opportunities to determine any interest they might have in serving the larger community by way of involvement in university life. The opportunity to serve St. Bonaventure University in a full-time administrative position after completing an internship here will depend ultimately on the needs of the University and the talent, dedication, and capacity of the interested Franciscan to help meet those defined needs.