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Graduate Tuition Waivers ineligibility for part-time employees


Retroactive to June 2015, all part-time employees of St. Bonaventure University are ineligible for graduate tuition waivers.


*An exemption to this policy is made for part-time coaches in the athletic department under the following stipulations:

1.     The tuition waivers awarded to part-time coaches for campus-based programs will be awarded as graduate financial aid.  These tuition waivers will not impact the athletic scholarship budget that is intended to be used for the recruitment of undergraduate student athletes.

2.     Selection of the recipients and the determination of the amount of the tuition waivers will be closely monitored and approved under the direction of the Director of Athletics with total awards not to exceed $75,000 per year.

3.     The Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Athletics will provide an annual report to the CFO and Provost that will include a list of recipients and amounts awarded.

4.     Part-time coaches enrolled in SBU on-line graduate programs are ineligible for graduate tuition waivers.



Approved October 20, 2015

*Revised February 4, 2016