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Procedure for Requesting and Issuing Contracts

To improve communication and clarify the process for requesting and issuing contracts, the following procedure has been developed.

  1. Initial verbal approval for the hiring of all positions, whether new or replacement, must be obtained from the President in advance of any of the procedures outlined below. The President’s approval is an initial approval pending funding being available for the position.

  2. The hiring supervisor/chair will make verbal salary offer to the candidate, which is conditional upon approval by the appropriate Executive Officer and the President.

  3. A completed “Request for Contract” (or “Contract Change) form must be filled out the same day as the verbal offer is accepted.

  4. The completed “Request for Contract” (or “Contract Change”) form and two copies of the prospective employee’s resume should then be sent to the appropriate Executive Officer for written approval. The Executive Officer will then forward all information to the Director of Human Resources to initiate the contract request. Except in rare instances, the information should be sent to the Director of Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the employee’s start/change effective date.

  5. The Director of Human Resources will verify budget availability with the Budget Director and work out any funding and benefit issues which might arise. A detailed outline of funding should accompany requests for new positions and/or salary changes. Any exceptions to existing University policies must be obtained from the President in advance. Upon review and approval of funding availability, the Director of Human Resources will forward the original information to the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Business and Finance for contract preparation and for contract signing by the President.