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Quick Arts Center Scheduling Policy

The scheduling of all functions and events, including classes, in The Quick Arts Center is the responsibility of the Center's Director. Anyone reserving or utilizing space in The Quick Arts Center must have written authorization from the Director.

Please note the following guidelines for events in the Rigas Family Theater and the Dresser-Rand Atrium not sponsored by The Quick Arts Center:

1.   Highest priority in scheduling will be given to those events/functions which are related directly to the teaching mission of the University, e.g., special lectures or presentations which serve regularly scheduled classes or which are sponsored for students by academic programs and departments. For these, no fee will be assessed.

2.   High priority will also be given to special events which serve directly the Office of Admissions. For these events, no fee will be assessed.

3.   Next in priority will be artistic and cultural events sponsored by on-campus or off-campus organizations which serve the University and regional communities. These events will be charged fees to cover security, maintenance, and ancillary expenses.

4.   Next in priority will be special events which serve the University's efforts in the areas of development, fund-raising, and public affairs. These events will also be charged a fee.

5.   Next in priority will be social events sponsored by on-campus departments or organizations. There will be a fee assessed for all such events.

6.   Next in priority will be events sponsored by off-campus organizations, as well as social events sponsored by St. Bonaventure community members or members of the general public. Such events require the approval of the University President prior to authorization by the Center's Director. All such events will be charged a fee.

Normally, only art exhibitions and related functions are scheduled for the Paul W. Beltz Gallery, the Dresser Foundation Gallery, and the Branch Family Gallery.

To schedule space in the Quick Arts Center, an authorized reservation form must be on file with the Center's Director no later than one week before the scheduled event. For reservation forms and further information contact: The Director, The Quick Arts Center, P.O. Box BH, St. Bonaventure, New York 14778; or call (716) 375-2276.

The Center's Director will work cooperatively with the University Central Calendar Committee's policies and will notify ASAP the Coordinator of Special Events of all special events scheduled for the galleries, atrium, and theater at The Quick Arts Center.

Rental fees will be determined by the Director of The Quick Arts Center, consistent with University policy.