16 Oct 2013

Professor of Physics

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Here is preliminary information for pending courses:

  Summer Physics 103         Summer PhyL 103

 Summer Physics 104         Summer PhyL 104

Fall Physics 309      Fall Physics 103-01        Fall PhyL 103-01    Fall Engr(Preg) 220  

Spring ES 490   Spring Physics 304    Spring Physics104     Spring PhyL 104   Spring Preg 103

Courses I Have "Taught"
Introductory Physics &
Analytical Mechanics Modern Physics Electricity & Magnetism
Solid State Introductory Quantum Mechanics Topics in Biophysics Optics
Applied Methods in Computational Physics Modeling & Simulation of Physical Systems Earth & Atmospheric Science Stars & Stellar Systems &
Astronomy Laboratory
Physics of Sensory Perception Inquiry in the Natural World Laboratory Engineering Graphics (CAD) Statics
Computer Applications to Science & Engineering (Fortran) Introduction to MatLab Thermal Physics Mathematical Physics
Experimental Physics Environmental Science Seminar    
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Poison ivy covered walls,
Hail to thee our hallowed halls."